Is probably the best quite some time since I last addressed the issue of IBS in addition to back or lower back pain. But due to the overwhelming readership often the articles I have published have gotten and the amount of human being emails I have received I feel it is time once again to address the challenge and hopefully bring some notoriety to the subject. My very own findings over the last few years have been most enlightening.

I have established itself as a proponent that in some cases IBS is, or at least is very much directly linked to spinal injury or damage. In my scenario it seems that way, as it does for hundreds of others who experience written me, telling their stories in emails.

I have to personally thank all those that took the time to dig and start with my email address. I have to admit that I usually have not got easy. So those that did actually get an email by, and there have been many, I know had to expend some effort to really find the email address.

Recently I got an email from a Retired Deep blue Master Chief who recently read my article with “Lower Back Pain and Irritable Bowel Syndrome” It is because connected with him, I guess that I have since been prompted for getting off my keester and publish something. His story is much like my own, in fact the only difference I see in his tale and my own are possibly the manner in which his back harm was delivered and our occupations.

The more email that I receive from people telling me very similar stories of their total experiences with Irritable Bowel Syndrome; the more I am convinced that there is a precise link between back/neck or spinal injury and the onset of IBS.

It goes without saying that nerves that control gut procedure get to and from the brain via the spinal column. In order that it only stands to reason that any amount of damage to those nerve galerie, conductors and conduits could and most probably do have an impression on the overall digestive system operation. It also stands to reason the more intense the injury or disruption of nerve impulses into the gut, the worse IBS symptoms could or will probably possibly be.

I am not a doctor or spinal consultant, nor do I profess to have any knowledge but that which I personally have acquired during my own long battle with IBS, and from the accumulated knowledge of being able to compare stories shipped to me by hundreds of other IBS sufferers.

There is something which i feel I must mention that I find quite profound. To discover a writing and publishing in one manner or another about IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME for about 10 years now, maybe more. It was not until finally I published about my own observations regarding my finish that there was a correlation between my own spinal injury plus IBS that things seemed heat up.

Once I publicized the first article where I suggested the connection between lumbar pain or spinal injury and IBS, I started to find emails from many other Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers. Like I claimed, they had to dig to find my email address and be able to throw me their stories, yet they did. This tells me that there ought to be more than my own observation and speculation involved here.

Ever since the time of the first article where I asserted that there was a connection between back pain and IBS, I have gotten hundreds of emails from readers that were moved enough to truly take the time to tell their stories. After reading their experiences, I was saddened as there was nothing I could tell them then that would help them. For most to whom I replied, my key suggestion was to demand that their primary caregiver at the least consider the plausibility of the connection between spinal injury and even IBS.

I know from my own personal experience with over 6 doctors that for them to consider something that isn’t currently of their neatly categorized and cataloged list of symptoms and treatments, it is almost impossible to get them to consider anything else as a possible bring about. Heaven forbid that a layperson should be able to tell a “doctor” anything. I have to admit that I only broached the subject having three physicians, and the result was less than hopeful.

Each took a note, or supposedly took a note of what I must say, and promptly moved on to the IBS play e-book. I call it that because all doctors often have the same mentality when it comes to IBS The only way to diagnose it can be to go from test A to test B and then T and so on and on regardless of the results, regardless of how much of your money many people spend on tests, tests that had they actually read your personal history they would have known had been done over and over by now