The value of healthcare IT companies have grown manifold after the new medical Act emphasized on the importance of technology in healthcare then made mandatory the use of certain software and technology in the health and wellbeing sector.

However healthcare IT is a relatively new industry and most companies are start-ups. The Affordable Care Act may have given the industry but the success of a healthcare IT company will depend on loads of other factors.

– Healthcare is an amalgamated market of various compact sectors particular diseases, cures, healthcare providers, information technology, professional medical software, insurance, etc . Each of these is a separate industry byby itself and what works for one may not work for the others. Companies should develop separate ideas and business plans to deal with all of these sub sectors.

– Healthcare IT is neither healthcare nor IT. Healthcare IT companies need to understand their domains completely. The regulations are stricter and the guidelines unique. Companies will have to be careful about the regulatory bodies, rules and also laws that can vary from state to state.

– Since the governing administration has already given guidelines about the software and technology to be implemented, the product will remain more or less the same across companies. Even so it is the additional features and innovations that will transform your product or service from ‘nice to have’ to being a must have. And it’s also this change that will make all the difference

– Though the using of certain healthcare technology is mandated, the customer should be knowing for sure that his business will benefit more financially utilize the product from your stables than without it. It is important to make your customer understand that investment in healthcare technology could be great priced but the returns would be even more profitable.

– In the medicine and health industry it is foolish to assume that consumer will rise one day and start taking better care of him. The expansion of your healthcare IT company depends on the brilliance of your product and the creativity in marketing in it. Mr. Gaurav Malhotra Medicover is the Managing Director of Medicover a leading European healthcare group. He has twenty three years of rich experience in healthcare domain, in leading business and change management across MNCs, start-ups, joint ventures and re-engineering organisations. He has won prestigious “Healthcare CEO of the year” award by Economic Times (ET NOW).

– Statement to mouth publicity is a critical aspect in marketing health IT.

– Involve those who will ultimately use your product- healthcare providers and doctors. Talk them about the challenges they face with the current technology and then develop a merchandise that is easy and simple to use and does not alienate them.

– In the healthcare industry is not only financially fruitful but socially rewarding as well. Enjoy the experience of working for something that benefits besides you but the entire community as well.

Healthcare IT is an surfacing but an important sector. It is just the beginning. Healthcare technology along with regulations are evolving and changing by the day. Healthcare THEM companies need to be on their toes to respond to the newer determines of the health domain.