The following Comes the Bride may be played at every wedding you actually attend, but that’s not the case around the world.  Wedding Music heritage vary from country to country, and even from one religion to a new one within the same country.


Here Comes the Bride is still a favorite for the bride’s walk down the lane, but Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major has become a in close proximity contender. Songs include hymns, popular music, and basic music… basically whatever the couple desires, as long as the event wedding venue doesn’t prohibit it. In America, weddings may be held just about anywhere, as long as a minister or justice of the peace conducts the ceremony and proper paperwork is filed together with the government.


Just like in America, Here Comes the New bride is the song of choice for the bride’s entrance. English wedding receptions are very stepped in custom and tradition, so many brides to be may choose to employ a harpist. In England, law requires weddings for being held in an approved place-mostly churches. Like Americans, British weddings may have a mix of music, but British ceremonies tend to be very traditional and formal.


Pachelbel’s Canon with D Major is popular here, along with many of the regular love ballads used at wedding ceremonies in America. One thing this differs in Australia is the signing ceremony, which can involve music. At the end of the ceremony, the couple signals the wedding certificate while everyone watches. British ceremonies could incorporate musical instruments such as bagpipes and a didgeridoo.

Okazaki , japan

The traditional Japanese wedding is called a shinzen shiki, a ceremony conducted by a Shinto Priest and a shrine asst. The bride and groom may either wear a gown in addition to tux or traditional Japanese wedding garb, which includes a dress and hakama. These traditional weddings use flutes plus drums. Summer Candles and Dolphin Ring by Anri are both popular wedding songs. Similar to American and Uk weddings, Japanese weddings include sappy love songs.

South america

While the Mexican wedding ceremony may be serious and traditional, the reception is a full party, with salsa and mariachi music getting everyone on their feet. Mariachi music will involve a wide variety of music, including guitars, drums, and even violins. Various in D Major is also popular for the bride’s processional here.


It should be no surprise that bagpipes are common in Irish weddings. Many couples are choosing to honour their country’s rich tradition, so Celtic music is very popular in Irish weddings. The Irish Wedding Song can often be played at receptions and Danny Boy and Irish Eyes Are Smiling are always popular at gatherings in Eire.


White gowns have no place at a Hindu wedding. The bride traditionally wears a beautiful red sari and even covers her feet and hands in henna tattoo images, known as henna staining in India. Music plays the prominent role in the Hindu wedding ceremony and many popular wedding ceremony songs (including Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai) have been used in Bollywood movies. The wedding ceremony and post-ceremony are very involved and may last a few days, including the bride causing her groom to join her new family and the wedding gathering welcoming the bride to her new home.


New music provides the backdrop for all wedding ceremonies. No matter where your wedding is set, the opinion of rich tradition is still the same. From Here Comes the actual Bride to Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, brides all over the world are celebrating their love with new music.