Heya I know you are busy. And I know that practice is not generally enjoyable. But if you are serious about your sound and your step appeal, then you should be practicing as much as performing. Well definitely you should be practicing anytime you are not performing. But over the years connected with running my own show I found that the dynamics of wedding rehearsal were often a direct reflection of my own attitude. Here’s how I corrected the problem.

First I set specific moments to practice each week. Every Monday was the day the musicians got their schedule. Everything hinged around the booking program, but rehearsal was a part of the schedule. I found that if I merely looked at the stage times and neglected the away from times the musicians would get lazy. And obtain? They got paid no matter what unless I fired these individuals and I did not have the tough butt reputation. But my very own name was out front and I decided to run that bus like a business. So rehearsals were paid time. What? That is exactly what I said. Every contract My partner and i signed had rehearsal time booked in. Because the music artists were paid a salary no matter if we played or not. Staying on salary they were required to rehearse. No excuses.

Future I had to co-ordinate the rehearsal time so that no time at all was wasted. If there was an obvious problem we would take care of that first. But most important I never wasted every time. I would have a structure of the rehearsal listed and each guitarist would get the list on Monday. They would know that Saturday at two in the afternoon we would be working on often the bass part and back up vocals on one song. Rankings have twenty minutes dedicated to that. Then we would will leave your site and go to the next thing on the list. Time allocated listed, song part shown, and so on.

Getting rehearsal time on the road is hard. You really have no a place to rehearse except in the club during the day period. And that is exactly where you practice the most. However , I found we could rent halls in the larger hotels and use a minimal set up. I had to get creative because some of the people accountable for the halls want a lot of money just to make their four week period look good. But hey, if you are not using the rehearsal space toronto anyway what / things we exchange for a couple of hours? Every once in a while I would make use of a minimal set up in a hotel lounge and practice in the day hours. You just have to make it happen.

The main point is that you have to start treating your music like a business. If you are not making the kind of income you want to make, then look around and ask yourself if you are performing as hard as you can. Or are you just sliding by. Especially in the rehearsal world.