The good state of Florida has for many years been a very beautiful destination for tourists of all shapes and sizes. It goes without saying really. It’s nicknamed the ‘Sunshine State’ and plays host to some with the greatest theme parks in the world, legendary Miami Beach and many more things. Also among these popular places of interest is the Fl Keys. These are a number of islands on the southern part of the status. The most popular is Key West.

A Key West vacation package features therefore become a favourite for many. There are so many things to do, places to discover and attractions to enjoy, that one doesn’t need a great deal of prodding to plan a holiday here. So you may wonder, ‘what is the sort of things I should include in my Key Gulf vacation package? ‘

Let’s look at a few:

Diving in addition to Snorkeling

One thing you should know about the Florida Keys is that the temperature is nice… very nice! This makes it a perfect setting to consequently some diving in the area. Especially you may want to do some wreck delving. A number of ships have been sunk in the area which makes for a authentic adventurous diving expedition.


Sightseeing as part of your Key Rest of the world vacation package is a definite. This place is not just in relation to warm water and beaches, but also boasts some impressive ancient sights that you’ll surely find of interest. Three are worth referencing. This is Hemingway House where Ernest Hemingway wrote most of his renowned novels, The Lighthouse which is open to anyone for an interesting viewing and Harry Truman’s Little Light House. These can all be done in one day.


An integral West vacation package should definitely also include a visit to the neighborhood aquarium. This is a world class facility and one of the most important interesting attractions in the area.

These are just a handful of some ideas that you may wish to consider. The simple fact is that the Keys has things to do for the young ones, central aged adults and even grandpa and grandma! Key Western side also has a marvelous array of restaurants that serve all very reputable seafood you can find. Heck, not just seafood, just about anything!bus from key west to miami Tours Guides say when you think of the planning a trip to Miami, you should not miss out on the Bus Miami Everglades National Park