Lowest priced secured loan – many lenders use this phrase of their advertisements. However , most of the offers are nothing more than a trap to help lure the borrowers. The benefit the cheapest secured loan delivers to the borrowers makes them blindly follow such advertisements in addition to succumb to the temptation. The reality to which they wake up in the future, forces them to repent in leisure. To shop around and choose the best offer – this basic lesson of getting a new cheapest loan is learnt by such callous home owners after paying a heavy price.

The first step in getting a lowest priced secured loan is to know what you want. Before anything you complete, you must enumerate your borrowing requirements clearly. The amount you intend to borrow, how long would you like the repayment period to be, what amount of monthly installment are you comfortable with, would you like the swish lån  for being from an online lender or an established bank etc ., produce each one of these and more on a paper. The clearer you are in your personal objectives the better your chances are of getting the cheapest secured loan.

Once you have listed your requirements, look for lenders that match and match your needs the most. Make a list of these lenders and start visiting each one of these individuals and note down their quotes. While visiting the lenders be sure that you present the same facts and collateral details about yourself. Like this you can get a range of quotes, which are based on the same ground facts.

The ingredients that make a secured loan cheaper or even dearer are the APR, prepayment or late payment charges, fees the lender charges for various services, the settlement period and the amount borrowed.

APR or the Annual Percentage Rate implies the rate of interest any lender will charge on its financial loan. The lower the APR the better it is for the borrower. The APR fees vary a lot, as there are many lenders, competing for the provider. To get the best APR the borrower must have a good credit history, along with the collateral he offers for the secured loan must be of an sufficiently high value. A fixed APR is better than a floating RATE OF INTEREST if the borrower wants the